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Dizengoff love to build affordable tributes to classic recording gear based on the original circuitry, but with a Chicago-inspired twist.


That means they source as much of their materials from Chicago as they possibly can--from the Peerless and EMI-inspired signal transformers to their power transformers, to the enclosures and knobs.





Check out these great videos to get a flavour of what Dizengoff Audio products can do to your recordings and mixes

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DA2 Mic Pre


Dizengoff Audio DA2. It’s a tribute to the venerable RCA BA2C tube preamp. RCA’s BA2C found wide use in film, broadcast, and recording during the 1950’s. We like to think of it as the “little brother” to the RCA OP6 because they use the same tube.



D864 Varimu Compressor


The Dizengoff D864 Varimu Compressor is based on the classic Federal AM864 vari-mu compressor.

We chose to base the D864 transformers on the much loved Peerless-Altec designs of the 1960’s. These are very highly regarded for their signal quality to this day, and used examples fetch a premium. We chose nickel-50 core material for good signal fidelity.

D4 Mic Pre


The Dizengoff D4 is a tribute to a rare and much loved British tube console from the 1960’s. The sound is huge and open–heard on albums recorded by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Zombies between 1964 and 1968. It has incredible detail, and the kind of wonderful coloration that only an EF86 pentode can deliver.

Video of the D4, DA2 & D864

Uploaded July 10 2016


Producers Colt Capperrune and Joan Velez, Testing the Dizengoff Audio D4, DA2 and D864. in the mix of "Solace" from the band (Burden of the Sky).

D4, DA2 & D864

Uploaded September 14 2016


To test Dizengoff Audio D4, DA2 Preamps and D864 Compressor, we visit Underground Studio in Nashville, TN with producer Byron Morrow and engineer Christopher Czar Smith to showcase the amazing artist Candice Floyd.

ProSoCoustic products are engineered to outperform the traditional approaches to acoustic treatment while having a minimal impact on the environment and your health.

Prosocoustic is made in the USA. Using a range of materials that start as recycled or are recyclable after the manufacturing process. Our philosophy of cradle to the ground conservation starts with our acoustic material of choice, which is created of a mixture of slag steel and basalt rock. Slag steel is a by-product of the steel manufacturing process and basalt rock is from mother nature herself. Our various framing material products utilized include wood chip waste from the forestry industry and aluminum.






Two videos showing how effective ProSoCoustic Evolution Panels are during a live recording to minimise spill


Published on Jan 3, 2014

Positronic has been practicing in a garage space that is familiar to many of us. It's loud, reverberant and fatiguing. One their last session they tried the ProSoCoustic Transformation panels to help improve their rehearsal and recording. check them out at

Published on Jan 3, 2014

The Toy Pianos used ProSoCoustic Transformation kits and some of the extra accessories on their latest session and here is what they had to say. Check them on FB as well!


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